Camping Adventure


In addition to hiking I’m also a big fan of camping.  I went camping for the second time this year a week or so ago (I usually wait until fall when it’s a bit cooler with less bugs).


Before embarking on my camping adventure, I made sure I had everything ready.  I decided to set up the single-person pop-up tent I bought years ago (but never used until now), in my living room before committing to using it on my trip.  I wanted to see if my air mattress would fit in the tent or if I’d have to make other arrangements (I.e. sleep on the ground).  Luckily the mattress fit.


I left the room for a moment and came back to this…


Cat Stole My Tent!


I think either she wanted to go with me, didn’t want me to go at all, or just liked the set-up.  I’m betting it was a combo of the last two.


Anyway, I got to the campground and got settled in my campsite, and what should happen?  It started raining.  Luckily my campsite had an arbor over the picnic table so I was able to wait out the rain without having to retreat to the car.


Once the rain let up, there was a layer of fog surrounding an island out in the bay.  This was the view from my campsite.






Until next time…





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