Though it’s becoming less rare for me to catch a glimpse of a bald eagle in the wild while I’m out hiking, I’m still awed each time I see one.


Recently, I went hiking/snowshoeing at the Petit Manan Wildlife Refuge in Steuben, Maine. The trail I was on, the Birch Point Trail, has some sad memories attached to it but I won’t get into that. At the point on the trail that comes out to the bay, there’s a small island where eagles are known to nest.


While I was relieving myself of my pack and getting ready to enjoy my lunch, I heard the call of an eagle and decided to see if I could spot him or her. The tide was in at the time so I couldn’t venture out onto the rocks, but I did manage to spot the eagle in its nest out on the island.


I managed to get several shots though I only wish the camera I use while hiking zoomed in further and took better quality photographs when zoomed in.


Anyway, here’s one of the shots I got of the eagle…



PMWR Bald Eagle





Until next time…






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