My Domo! MINE!



Not only is my youngest cat spoiled rotten (she even has me trained now that when she’s ready to take a nap, she wants me to follow her and tuck her in like a child [^_^]), but she’s a bit of a thief…


* A spot thief (which I established before, both my cats steal my seat whenever I get up).
* A food thief (if I let her, or don’t catch her in time, she’ll eat the canned cat food my older cat doesn’t finish).
* A blanket hog (self explanatory).
* And she even steals stuffed animals to cuddle…



Why do I let her get away with all of it?  Well, she’s just way too cute!





My Domo! MINE!

Apparently that’s no longer my Domo doll…





Until next time…








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