On a hike I took a while ago, I stumbled upon a lone Ladyslipper. And when I say “stumbled upon” I’m talking almost literally. The little flower was inches from the edge of the trail and if I hadn’t been paying attention, I would have walked right past it, or worse, stepped on it.


Now, I mentioned Ladyslippers in a previous post. I still haven’t done the research as to whether or not they’re still endangered, but judging by the infrequency in which I spot them (I’ve only seen two that I know of in my lifetime), I’m guessing they’re probably still on the list. And if they’re not, they probably should be.


I know they’re supposed to grow in small clusters but the two I’ve seen have been solitary which is another thing that makes me think they’re probably still on the endangered species list.





So if you see one of these in your travels, leave it be. Take nothing but pictures! And parents, teach your children not to pick them. Even if they’re not endangered anymore (which I’m betting they still are), they should be left for others to view and enjoy.




Until next time…






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