The Mist




I went on a bike ride around Roosevelt International Park on Campobello Island a while ago, and I noticed something that was interesting and disturbing at the same time.


The Mist…



Now, at any other time this vista would have made me think of the Mists of Avalon, but this isn’t what you want to see mere days after watching the TV series “The Mist” (based on the Stephen King book). That’s just… No.



Luckily it didn’t overrun the island and I was able to make it home safely!


Then, a few days later, I happened upon a similar scene on my way to Cutler. This disturbed me a little more because those towers you see mark the Cutler Naval Base. An eerie parallel to the novel if there ever was one…

Again, I was lucky to escape unscathed!




Until next time…






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