Bangor Bunny

Apologies for this week’s post being a late, faithful readers.  I’ve been busy working on photos for a client.  But hey, it’s still Monday, right?  [-_^]

Anyway, those of you that follow my blog already know how excited I get to see wildlife while I’m out hiking or riding my bike.  It’s rare that I see things other than squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and the occasional snake or seal (on coastal trails), so when I come across a deer (see this post), I’m ecstatic.  But it’s even more rare that I spot a wild rabbit.

A while ago, I went for one of my last bike rides of the year in the Bangor City Forest and as I came around a curve in the trail, I saw this little guy (or gal) just hanging out, munching on clover.

Super cute!

Until next time…




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