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Bangor Bunny

Apologies for this week’s post being a late, faithful readers.  I’ve been busy working on photos for a client.  But hey, it’s still Monday, right?  [-_^]

Anyway, those of you that follow my blog already know how excited I get to see wildlife while I’m out hiking or riding my bike.  It’s rare that I see things other than squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and the occasional snake or seal (on coastal trails), so when I come across a deer (see this post), I’m ecstatic.  But it’s even more rare that I spot a wild rabbit.

A while ago, I went for one of my last bike rides of the year in the Bangor City Forest and as I came around a curve in the trail, I saw this little guy (or gal) just hanging out, munching on clover.

Super cute!

Until next time…




Deer In The Yard


As I mentioned last week, the only time I tend to see deer is not while I’m out hiking (which you’d think would be more likely) but when they come into my yard.



Young Deer in my Yard




Apparently the grass and clover that makes up my lawn is pretty good.




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Epic Wildlife Sighting!

For the past few weekends, I’ve been doing what I call “Weekend Technology Hiatuses”. More accurately though, they’re internet hiatuses. I log off on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon and don’t log back on until Monday.


These hiatuses (this is going on a month now) have been pretty beneficial. One, they’ve helped me decompress and distance myself from my overuse of the internet. Two, I’ve made major progress with my novel (I’m all done the final round of editing!). And three, I’ve spent more time doing other things I love such as hiking, photography, and making jewelry.


This past weekend I went hiking (shocking, I know!), and I’m glad I did because I saw some wildlife I’ve never seen in the flesh with my own eyes before. Gather round for the tale, kids!


I went to my trusted hiking standby (as I’m once again out of new places to discover…for now), Quoddy Head State Park. While hiking there, I stopped at my usual spot for lunch at Green Point. Those of you that follow my blog religiously, all two of you, will remember me mentioning this park and this spot many times.


Anyway, after I finished photographing all the epic rock stacks that were there (and there were a lot this time), I settled in and had my lunch. When I was packing up to head back to the trails, I noticed something moving in the water. Instinctively, I went for my camera. When I lifted my camera, the thing I saw was gone. I was disappointed, thinking it was a seal that dove under (and those bad boys can swim for quite a while without resurfacing), but just as I was about to forget it and head out, I saw it break the surface again not far from where it had gone under. At first, I didn’t know what I was looking at until I took the picture and reviewed it on the spot. There was a fin. So it wasn’t a seal.


It was a dolphin. A freaking dolphin! But even better than that, it wasn’t just one. There were at least five, maybe six!


Now, my shots didn’t come out as good as I hoped where the dolphins were out past the range of my camera’s zoom (not to mention I was shaking where I was excited to finally see these awesome creatures first hand instead of in books, movies, or television). But, I managed to get a shot of one of them surfacing!


Dolphin 1 (Quoddy)

Dolphin 2 (Quoddy)


My day was made in that moment! Big time! How could it not have been!!


Oh, and the rest of the hike was nice too (plus, I ended my day with a little blueberry picking). [-_^]



Until next time…



Lighthouse Adventure….Round 2!

Back in 2012, I went on a little trip to the Little River Lighthouse in Cutler Maine (you can view that post here).

This past Saturday was the Summer Solstice and I managed to view another lighthouse, but this one was in Canada.  The Head Harbour Lightstation on Campobello Island to be exact.

The only way to get to this lighthouse is by foot at low tide.  It’s not just a straight shot walk though.  You have to climb down some old rusted metal stairs, cross a small beach, climb up more rusted metal stairs, cross a small wooden bridge, climb down MORE rusted metal stairs (these were a little treacherous as they were more like a ladder and were slanted), and cross another little beach to the actual lighthouse.

I saw this lighthouse before about year or two ago, but I wasn’t there at the right time to get over to it.  So, I just settled for taking a few pictures from the parking lot back then.  This time, I hit it just right (lucky me!)!

It costs $5 to even walk over to the light house and there’s another $10 charge if you want to tour the inside of the keeper’s house and climb the tower.  Well, for me, all that’s a little steep, but I don’t do this every day (or even every year), so I went for it.

The coast guard had possession of this lighthouse for a long time before they decided to shut it down, board it up, and forget about it.  Then, it went down the line, being offered to different outfits/agencies before it was offered to, accepted by, and taken over by the town.  Volunteers and students are still working to restore the lighthouse and keeper’s house to it’s former glory (the full fee for walking over to the light house and touring it goes directly to the restoration/up-keep fund so that made me feel better about paying the price).

It’s a cute little lighthouse.  Getting into the tower, I expected to find the typical spiral staircase curling around the tower, but instead, there were two normal flights of strait stairs and a ladder leading to the light at the top.

It’s typical to see seals and whales from this lighthouse.  I did glimpse a seal, but it was camera shy and dove under the waves just as I lifted my camera.  Oh well.

Head Harbour Lighstation (Campobello)

As I mentioned in my last lighthouse related post, if you ever have a chance to tour a lighthouse and climb the tower….do it!

And if the lighthouse adventure weren’t enough for the day, I also went hiking over in the Roosevelt International Park.  I would highly suggest this park’s trails to anyone that enjoys hiking.  They’re pretty and the views are amazing.  There’s also something called the “Sunsweep Scuplture” near Liberty Point that’s worth checking out.  The cliff it’s on was covered in wild Irises.  I saw an eagle the minute I got out of the car.  I also saw a wild rabbit on the trail!!  Yay wildlife!!





Wild Rabbit


So, aside from the fact that I fed the mosquitoes and black flies, it was a nice day.

Until next time…



Wildlife Sighting…In My Yard…



This past weekend, I decided to partake in a little spring cleaning of my basement. That was quite a task, and not a fun one as I’m sure many of you can relate.
After I managed to clean and rearrange the portion of my basement I was working on, I headed upstairs to my kitchen to clean the dust off my hands and get a drink of water. As I turned toward my fridge for the water, I glanced out my kitchen window. What did I see standing in the middle of my lawn nibbling on the grass peeking out of the remaining snow? A huge white and brown doe. You know, like the song? Doe, a deer, a female deer? Yeah.
I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. It was then that I noticed two more brown deer (both female) wandering up the road and into my yard! I knew the grass in my yard was good judging by the amount of wildlife that wandered through over the years I‘ve lived here, but I didn‘t know it was good enough for these beautiful creatures to venture out in the middle of the day.
Here’s one of the better images I took of the white and brown doe. I managed to get this shot because she heard one of my cats meow beside me inside the house. Good hearing, doe.


Doe in front yard



And here’s an image of the other two deer. I don’t think all three were together since the little one seemed to want to play and the white and brown one seemed a little stand-offish toward it.


Deer in front yard


I’m not usually lucky enough to see wildlife beyond birds in my yard in broad daylight. Deer, raccoons, and other wildlife tend to cross my lawn late in the evening or early in the morning when it’s harder for me to photograph them. Lucky for me these deer decided to stop in my yard.

Until next time…