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Inspiration Station Vol 2

Ok.  Here I am.  Back again.  I hope everyone enjoyed Vol 1 cause I’ve returned to hit you with more random things that inspire me.  No, I don’t mean “hit you” literally, that’s kind of impossible this being a blog post and such.  Plus, literally hitting you would be just…mean of me.

All joking aside, let’s get on with it.

# 9 – Movies

I find different movies inspiring in different ways.  Now, I’m not talking just the true story, rising above tragedy, overcoming obstacles type movies.  I find inspiration in nearly every movie I watch.  Everything from Anime to Sci-Fi and horror.  Two films I adore are The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.  I think The Dark Crystal is my most favorite movie of all time.  I don’t just enjoy the film as a finished product, I think the behind-the-scenes work, the art and writing that went into creating the film, is completely awesome.  I find that kind of thing awesome in every film I enjoy.  When I see an effect on-screen, I want to know how it was done.  A lot of people think that ruins the experience, that finding out the secrets of “movie magic” somehow detracts from the film.  I’m the opposite.  It gets me thinking, imagining, dreaming.

# 10 – Music

Ah, music.  Music has been a source of inspiration for me ever since I can remember.  I’m one of those kids that can’t go a day without listening to a song or two from my favorite band.  It’s amazing how music has the power to change and/or set a mood.  No matter what type of music you’re into, I know you’ve had this happen.  Whether you’re in a bad mood, feeling down, upset, or angry, music that resonates with you can turn your mood completely around, lifting you up.  For me, I find everything about my favorite types of music inspiring.  The pieces.  Lyrics, each separate instrument, beat, tone, rhythm.  And the whole.  The inspiration I draw from music is as diverse as music itself.  One day, I might hear a song and be inspired to just tap my foot along with the beat.  The next day I may hear another song and be inspired to write something or paint.  At the moment, the artist I have in heavy rotation on my iPod is Celldweller.  Something about Klayton’s sound and overall style really gets my creative mind turning.  Along with Celldweller, Blue Stahli, IAMX, The Birthday Massacre, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Gackt, Gary Numan, Type O Negative (R.I.P. Peter Steele), and many others constantly inspire me.

# 11 – Myths & Legends

Tying in to my love of books, reading, and research, I’ve always found myself drawn to myths and legends.  Greek mythology, Arthurian legend, epic poems like Beowulf and Gilgamesh, they all have something for everyone.  Fantasy, romance, adventure, moral lessons, etc.  I find it interesting how some stories can have so many different versions but still be constant, still withstand the passage of time.  I also find creation myths extremely interesting.  I find it awesome how there are so many different stories out there about how the world, and we, came to be.

# 12 – Nature

Where to even start on this topic.  Nature is the original inspiration for me and so many other things.  Rivers, trees, rocks, flowers, the ocean, the sound of the rain, the sky and stars, everything inspires in different ways and I can’t get enough.  A simple walk in the woods or along a beach, in good weather or foul, can do so much.  If you look at my photography a majority of it captures some aspect of nature.  Nature has an amazing way of revitalizing and rejuvenating not only itself but us as well.  Ok, so I’m getting kind of new agey here but hey, that’s me!  I get a burst of energy when I go on a hike with my camera in hand, a natural high.  Where others would reach for the TV remote, I put on my hiking boots and head out.  The smell of ocean air, fresh pine, lilacs, etc, really invigorate and inspire me.  I get inspired to work on my artistic endeavors, taking care of myself, and the planet as well.  I become more focused on my health after I’ve been outside.  I feel better after I’ve been outside.  When I walk on the beach I pick up things that don’t belong there, bottles, cans, and other pieces of garbage.  Seeing things like that in beautiful natural settings inspires me to not only work harder myself to keep our environment clean but also to pick up some of the slack that others leave.  If more people would stop and take a moment to look, I mean really look and actually see the natural world around them, and learn to appreciate and care for it, this Earth might have a better chance for a brighter future.  Too “Public Service Announcement”?  Maybe, but it’s true.

# 13 – People

What can I say, people are inspiring.  Now, I’m not talking about a celebrity inspiring you to dress a certain way or buy a certain product, that couldn’t be further from what I’m aiming at here.  I’m talking about the people who inspire you to do the right thing, to be a better person, to make good choices, to go for your dreams and goals, and to give back to your inner circle, community, and the world.  When you look back on your life and are asked specifically about “who” inspired you, most often the answer includes grandparents, parents, siblings, teachers, mentors, friends, or any combination.  Those people tend to have the most contact with us and usually the most effect on us.  No one can forget the grandparent/parent that encouraged and supported them in everything they did.  No one can forget that one favorite teacher that took an interest in them beyond what was expected.  Our lives are shaped by not only the choices we make but also the people we meet and take with us along the journey (wow, how profound of me, huh?).  For me, my parents, brother, and several teachers over the years have inspired me.  I’ve come across the good and the bad and have learned from it all.  I’ve grown.  I’ve changed.  I’ve been inspired in every way.

# 14 – Skeleton Keys

Again with the simple things, I know but skeleton keys are just awesome.  Admit it.  You think they’re cool too.  Just the look, the feel of a skeleton key in my hand sparks something in my brain.  It gets me thinking, who owned it?  What was behind the locked door, gate, or in the box or trunk, the key opened?  Etc.  I have my own little collection of skeleton keys going so if anyone has any they want to unload, send ‘em my way!

# 15 – The Web

The web lets us connect instantly to…well…everything really.  As everyone knows, that when you log on to the web, you can find artists, musicians, businesses of all kinds, and information up the yin yang.  If you know what you’re looking for, and even if you don’t, you can more than likely find it somewhere on the web.  Inspiration is no exception.  Look at a random website.  Even if you’re not really interested in the content or service it’s advertising, you might still find something interesting or inspiring.  A color.  A design.  A typeface.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

# 16 – Writing

Where would the world be without writing?  Without writing, we’d have no books, no newspapers, no magazines, no web.  Writing itself is an inspirational art.  Not just the content being written but the physical act of writing.  Like I said in the last post under the journaling section, putting a pen or pencil to a page can be very freeing and therapeutic.  I’ve noticed that with the advent of the internet, the written word seems to be a bit more plentiful but at the same time the “written” word is dying out.  What I mean here is that people are using email, blogs, and such to communicate.  While that’s all fine and dandy, what about letters?  They have their own aesthetic that can be appreciated from the paper choice, to the writing utensil, to the penmanship.  As I’ve told many people, I’m in the process of writing two novels and I made the choice to write them out longhand.  I find the quality of my writing is better and I have more ideas when I physically put a pen to paper than when I tap keys.

Well, I think that’s all folks.  There are so many other things that I draw inspiration from but I figured I’d just cover the big ones.  I’m always interested in seeing what inspires other people, so I would recommend that, if you have time, take a moment to think about your sources of inspiration and maybe even throw together your own blog post!

Until next time…

Keep on rockin’ on!



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