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Faerie Land!

Every once in a while, when I’m on a hike or just out and about somewhere, I come across a spot or scene that has a bit of an otherworldly or mystical feel to it.  For me, being in the forest is a spiritual experience on its own, but sometimes there’s just a little extra…something.


For example, recently I was out hiking the trails of Roque Bluffs near where I live.  The wild apple trees along the trail were in full bloom and there were so many bees enjoying the blossoms that their buzzing was all you could here.  And they all sounded in sync, like it was just one massive bee in each tree I approached.


The blossoms were pretty enough but what added to the beauty and made the scene a bit more mystical were all the fallen petals strewn along the trail.  It looked like something out of a fantasy movie like I was walking into a land of faeries (yes, I believe in faeries, don’t judge me!).


Faerie Land Trail 1


Faerie Land Trail 2

Clap your hands if you believe!




Until next time…