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*GASP!* An Update!

Wow. Way overdue for an update, huh? I fail.

But, to bring everyone up to speed (cause I have such the exciting, non-stop lifestyle going on here. Psh, right.) I’ll begin with last weekend. July 10 and 11 to be exact.
What: The Great Northeastern War (a renaissance faire type thing where a bunch of guys and a few girls dress up in armor and beat the crap out of each other for everyone’s enjoyment).
Where: Hebron, Maine (a small out of the way town somewhere between Lewiston/Auburn and Oxford).

Now this really wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what I thought this was going to be. It was a good weekend for photography though. I guess that’s a plus. I took exactly 676 photos. On one memory card. With one battery. I expected the card to hold out like it did since it’s an 8gb, but the battery surprised me. I figured it would have died after two hours instead of lasting the whole two days. Rock on little battery!

But anyway, the battles were quite amusing at times. Grown men (and a few women) running around in armor hitting each other as hard as they can. I was interested in the youth battles though. This one kid was in samurai armor and he was amazing. He must have studied kendo, like, religiously, cause he massacred his opponents. I did manage to get a few good shots of him.

Then, before one of the big battles, I was standing there with my camera, snapping shots of people getting ready and this guy came up to me and asked me to braid his hair before he went into battle. I was a bit shocked that he came over to me since there were so many women standing around. But I croaked out a measly “I can try.” Now, anyone that knows me knows I’m not really that confident when confronted with the male species. Especially those that are attractive (and this guy was attractive). I get all quiet (or squeaky if I manage to actually force a word or two out). But I managed to braid his hair for him and snap a few pictures when he wasn’t looking. [^_^]

But that was the real extent of the weekend. Just wandering around the campground, snapping photos of the goings on. I got a few good ones of my brother and his girlfriend throwing knives and axes (don’t worry, they didn’t hurt anyone!). I also got a few nice shots of my brother during his short sword fighting class.

Jumping forward to Wednesday the 15th, my father and I spent the day together. Why is this blog worthy? Because things like that don’t happen very often. My father and I don’t really have that much in common except photography and that’s what this little day of bonding was about. Photography.

We hopped on the motorcycle and headed to a lighthouse not too far away (though we took a wrong turn at one point and nearly ended up in freaking New Brunswick). We spent quite some time at Quoddy Head State Park taking pictures of the lighthouse and the ocean. We even hiked over a mile on the trails around the state park. I got quite a few good scenic photos from this little excursion.

I was surprised because several times during this little trip, I heard my father say “This is fun.” I’ve never heard him say that when it was just him and me. And now he’s even talking about where we’d go “next time.” I’m shocked. I figured he’d think of this as a one time thing but he said he’s been looking at the map to see where else we could go.

So now, at the moment, I’m sorting through all the photos I took on my trip to the Ren. Faire as well as my trip to the Quoddy Head State Park. I should be able to post some online soon for people to take a look at.

I guess that’s really all. I won’t go into the crappy situation I’ve fallen into with a company online. I’m sure people can deduce what I’m talking about from just this little bit.

I’ll leave it there.

Until next time…

Keep on rockin’ on.




Hello…It’s Me Again…

It’s been a while hasn’t it my friends?

Yes. Yes, it has.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s going on in my life at the moment. And hey, even if you’re not wondering, I’m going to tell you anyway! ‘Cause I’m nice like that!

First of all, I’ve been working pretty hard to get my photography studio/office done and it’s almost there. Just a few cosmetic things and a few last minute photo essentials to add and I’ll be ready to go.

I got a new Canon printer to help with my photography too. That thing is sweet. Fast, good on ink, quiet, and nice quality. I found out the hard way though that the only photo paper that works properly with it is the paper made by the Canon manufacturer. Just another way for these big companies to rope you in and all but force you to use their products exclusively. Oh well. Gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

One thing that happened recently since my last update that was pretty cool…Bret (Blue Stahli) decided the art piece I made for him was decent and he said he’s going to use it! I haven’t seen it used yet but I’m waiting hopefully!

I’m still working on pieces to send in for Klayton’s call for art. The ideas are brewing but I’m having a bit of a tough time translating them from the plane of thought to the plane of existence. Wish me luck with that.

Next, I’ll be going to my first ever Renaissance Faire next month. I’ve got my costume all done. Granted it’s nothing spectacular, just a shirt, corset, and skirt. But simple tends to work best for me. I’m really not sure what to expect from this thing. I mean, I like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable about the medieval era but I don’t know how the whole Renaissance Faire scene works. If anything it’ll be a learning experience. Hopefully they won’t send an angry mob after me for bringing my camera. I think I’ll get quite a few nice shots at an event like that. We’ll see how it all goes down though.

And finally, I’m getting very close to completing my NYIP course! I have probably eight or ten pictures left to take and print then I can send everything in, sit back, and wait for my critique. If everything’s to their liking, they’ll send me a form to fill out to get my completion certificate. That’ll be awesome! I’m aiming for the end of this month to get everything done and sent in. It’ll probably be sometime in august before I hear anything back though. We’ll see!

Well, I guess that’s all the time I’ll take for this update. There’s much more I could say but I‘ll be nice and end here for now. That’s already (*insert number here*) minutes of your life you’ll never get back. Sorry.

And as usual,

Keep on rockin’ on!