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Rain Covered Spider Web

This summer was pretty rough in the way of precipitation.  We received very little.  I wouldn’t call it a full on drought, but it was bad enough that pretty much all of the little streams and rivers I come across while hiking were bone dry.  Even on a recent hike after we’d received a day of rain and the forest was damp with rain drops still clinging to the leaves and pine needles, the streams were still dry.  Hopefully that will change soon.

On my most recent hike, I decided to try a few artsy shots of the raindrops in the trees and on the flowers and grass.  I took a few shots and was kind of satisfied with them when I came across a rain covered spider web in a pine tree.  The raindrops on the delicate strands of spider silk look like little pearls.

Rain Covered Spider Web

Later on down the trail I caught a picture of two squirrels.  At the time I thought they were just chasing each other, playing, but in reviewing my photos, I noticed they weren’t playing.  They were getting frisky.  I won’t be posting the photo as I’m not a peddler of wildlife porn, I only mention it because it was hilarious.  Here I think I’m catching a shot of two animals playing when in reality they’re getting it on.

Until next time…