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Fun With Action Figures…Round 2


Those of you that read my blog on a regular basis (thank you for that, by the way! d_[^_^]) have undoubtedly seen a few photos of mine with toys as the subject. Ninjas, action figures, dragons, faeries….


Why do I do this? Well, the answer is simple.


Because it’s fun!


These photos can range from completely planned out/staged to utterly random. Usually, they take place while I’m out hiking or walking on the beach.


Recently, I was walking on the beach (yes, I still walk on the beach in winter…if the weather’s nice), and I had my collection of faeries with me. As I was walking along, I happened to look down at just the right moment and noticed a G.I. Joe type army figure in desert style gear. I decided to take the little fella home and as I was heading back toward my car, the sun was setting behind me and an idea struck.


I thought, it’d be interesting to do a shot or two of this army dude walking off into the sunset with the beach sand as a “desert”. So, I tried it, even making a little line of footprints behind him…



Soldier in the Desert



Then, I decided to add one of my faeries to the mix. My thought for this wasn’t a soldier walking along with a faerie, but a soldier walking along with a little girl dressed as a faerie. The message in that one? Well, I’ll let you glean whatever you’d like from it (but please share your thoughts, I’d love to hear…er…read them!).



Soldier with Little Girl in Faerie Costume



These photographs won’t be winning any awards, I know, but they’re still cute (in my opinion at least) and fun to make.



Until next time…