If Ninjas Carried Business Cards….


….This would be the case they’d use.

Before I explain what I mean by that, let me give you a little background.

I entered a photography contest in 2010 and won a free pack of 50 business cards from Moo.com (<–Shameless plug for you right there Moo!).  Now, what’s so awesome about Moo.com?  Well, first off, they have nothing to do with the bovine world so forget that thought.  They deal in personalized business cards, post cards, greeting cards, labels, stickers, that sort of stuff.  And they’re awesome.  Super awesome.

Now, I recently placed an order with the fine folks of Moo.com for a new pack of business cards.  New year = New business cards, right?  Once my dinosaur of a dial-up internet connection finally let me upload and edit all my photos (get this, you can print up to fifty different images in one pack of cards!), I entered all my info and hit the “Add To Cart” button.  I sat there for a minute arguing with myself before I finally decided that where it was a new year I was going to let myself splurge a bit.  So, I added a nifty new business card case to my order.

Meet the “ShowCase”, folks.



What’s so special?  I’m glad you asked!  This little unassuming business card case has a sweet little surprise built in.  Now, why do I think of Ninjas when I mention this case?  Again, delighted you asked!  This is why….



Come on! Admit it!  That’s like the Ninja Star of business card cases!  And Ninjas are awesome!

I have a feeling this little case is going to get people talking about my cards.  And what’s on my cards?  Well, my photography, of course!

Now, just because I’m in such a good mood after receiving my cards and case, and because I’m just an all around nice gal, I’m going to share a little link with you folks so you can get 10% off your first order on Moo.com.  Sound good?  Well, I should hope so!  Here it is: http://moo.com/share/wphtrb.  Go forth and create!

Until next time….




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