It’s Not The Camera That Matters….

…it’s how you use it.

Ok, you got me.  I stole that by reworking the popular “size” idiom but hey, it applies here.

Camera manufacturers constantly argue over who has the better camera.  Canon says they do.  Nikon says they do.  Sony says they do.  Pentax, Olympus…well, you get my drift.  But of course camera manufacturers are going to argue that their camera is the best of the best.  They want to sell them!

Some people buy into the manufacturer hype and start drooling the second they hear about the newest camera upgrades, or the newest lenses.  I think we’ve all been a little guilty of that to some degree at one time or another, but some take it to the max.

That’s all well and good, but fancy, top-dollar lenses, or a fancy top-dollar camera isn’t what makes someone a photographer.

It’s skill, folks.  Skill, a good eye, and we can’t forget the knowledge.

That brand-spanking-new, high performance camera with the badass lens won’t do you much good if you don’t know how to use it, and I’m not talking about just reading the manual that came with the camera.  Though, that’s always a good idea.  I’m talking about a solid foundation, a good photography course that can set you on the right path.

Some say that anyone can take pictures (didn’t someone give a camera to a monkey or a gorilla somewhere, and rave about the photos taken?).  But like having the newest camera or lens, just taking snapshots doesn’t make someone a photographer.  In short, nothing substitutes for knowledge.  What’s that other popular idiom? “Knowledge is Power.”

Well, kids, if you want to be a good (or even great) photographer, start by enrolling in a good photography course (personally, I attended the New York Institute of Photography and they’re amazing. Look them up!), gain some good foundation knowledge, learn how to develop your eye, then load up on the gadgets and fancy cameras/lenses, then go forth and use your new photographic powers for the good of the human race!

Until next time…




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