Getting Back Into The Groove

Those of you that read my blog regularly (all two of you!), might remember me talking about other interests I have, namely my interest in writing.  Creative writing.

Last year was a rather bad year for my writing.  Ok, ok, it was horrible.  I didn’t write anything more than my Monday blogs and my daily personal journal entries.  The novel I’ve been working for quite some time just on sat on my bookshelf, lonely, and unloved all year long.

I was in such a slump last year that I actually started to think about shelving the project for good and not even bothering to finish it.  Oh the shame!!  [-_-,]

Then came 2014 and my new year’s resolution.  No, I didn’t make one of the typical resolutions like exercising more (though I should), eating better (though I should), or losing weight (though I really should).  I made a resolution to get out of my creative dry spell, clawing my way if necessary, and to finish my manuscript.

Well, I’m happy to report that my resolution is going strong.  Granted it’s only been a week and a half, but finally I’m getting back into the groove!  After all, like they say, you can’t be a writer if you don’t write!  Right?!

So, those of you who are into sci-fi novels and might be interested in what I‘m writing, keep an eye and ear out.  I‘ll be sure to make an announcement when I finish my manuscript (and hopefully I‘ll be able to publish it).  But, if I happen to post later, telling you I’ve faltered and haven‘t finished my manuscript, I’d be obliged if someone would help light the proverbial “fire under my ass”.  [^_^]_b

Until next time…




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