Cat All Up In My Business


I mentioned last week about how I was starting to get back into the groove of writing after a year-long dry spell.  Well, sometimes when the proverbial “creative juices” go from a steady flow to a sporadic trickle, I try something different to kick-start the creative process.  It’s usually something simple like a change of scenery.  This happened recently and since I was without transportation, I had to rely on a very small change of scenery.  Like a twenty steps or less, change of scenery.  Basically, I just moved my work from the desk in my office, to my kitchen table.


Bad idea.


Now, before I go any further, I have to mention that I typically write long hand (to those of you who have lost touch with simplicity and the ways of life before computers became the go-to method of…everything and don‘t know what I mean here, “long hand” means “I write with a pen and paper”).  That arcane technique opens me up to some interruptions, namely from my cats when they want my attention.  And what do my cats do when they want my attention?  They sprawl themselves across whatever book or piece of paper I have in front of me.  And that’s exactly what happened recently with my cat Abby.





Abby Wanting Attention


Looks like I’m going to have to try typing my next novel instead of going the long hand route.


Until next time…






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