Rorschach Test

Everyone’s seen the famous “ink blot” or Rorschach tests before.   The same principle behind them applies to the age-old past time of lying on the grass and looking at the clouds.  Matrixing.  It’s when the brain tries to make sense of random patterns in both visual and audio stimuli.  So when you see that bunny or dragon in the clouds, your brain is matrixing.  When you hear music or a voice in the white noise of the TV or static of the radio, no it’s not the little girl from The Ring coming to get you, your brain is matrixing.

A while ago, as I went to check my mail, I caught a glimpse of an odd little formation on top of a snow bank in my yard.  Time for a little Rorschach test for everyone.

What do you see?

What Do You See?

The brain is neat, huh?

Until next time…




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