Wildlife Sighting…In My Yard…



This past weekend, I decided to partake in a little spring cleaning of my basement. That was quite a task, and not a fun one as I’m sure many of you can relate.
After I managed to clean and rearrange the portion of my basement I was working on, I headed upstairs to my kitchen to clean the dust off my hands and get a drink of water. As I turned toward my fridge for the water, I glanced out my kitchen window. What did I see standing in the middle of my lawn nibbling on the grass peeking out of the remaining snow? A huge white and brown doe. You know, like the song? Doe, a deer, a female deer? Yeah.
I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. It was then that I noticed two more brown deer (both female) wandering up the road and into my yard! I knew the grass in my yard was good judging by the amount of wildlife that wandered through over the years I‘ve lived here, but I didn‘t know it was good enough for these beautiful creatures to venture out in the middle of the day.
Here’s one of the better images I took of the white and brown doe. I managed to get this shot because she heard one of my cats meow beside me inside the house. Good hearing, doe.


Doe in front yard



And here’s an image of the other two deer. I don’t think all three were together since the little one seemed to want to play and the white and brown one seemed a little stand-offish toward it.


Deer in front yard


I’m not usually lucky enough to see wildlife beyond birds in my yard in broad daylight. Deer, raccoons, and other wildlife tend to cross my lawn late in the evening or early in the morning when it’s harder for me to photograph them. Lucky for me these deer decided to stop in my yard.

Until next time…


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