An Idle Mind…


…is a grieving person’s worst enemy. So, I’ve been bombarding myself with projects too keep busy. Reading, making jewelry, painting, and writing.


The few of you who follow this little blog of mine will know that I was in the process of writing and editing my first novel last year. Well, I finished that. It’s ready to be handed off to my first reader and editor. I hope to do that sometime next month.


Earlier this month, before I lost my beloved cat, I started writing my next novel, the second book in what I plan to make a trilogy. Granted I set it aside for a while, unable to bring myself to work on it (or even look at it really) after my cat passed. But I forced myself to get back in the swing of things.


I can’t (and really won’t ever) say I’m “moving on” from my cat’s passing, but I am coping.


And for those of you who follow my blog for the photography and care little for my other artistic ventures, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll try to get back to posting about my photography next week, or the week after.



Until next time…




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