“Whatcha Doin’?”


I’m sure those of you out there who have pets (namely cats) have experienced at one point, your pet getting in the middle of an activity or important task you’re trying to take care of, searching for attention.


Well, one of my cats feels that I shouldn’t be writing without her presence.  She comes into the room, and if I’m sitting too close to my desk for her to hop up into my lap (which is most of the time), she’ll jump up onto my desk and get between me and my laptop.  She knows she’s not supposed to do that, but she does anyway, to get my attention and let me know I need to pay attention to her.


So, I push my chair back, let her get into my lap and when she’s bored with that (more accurately, I think she feels that I don’t give her the amount of attention she wants and she just gets annoyed), she climbs onto the arm of my chair then up onto the back where she perches and looks over my shoulder.


Now, I wear headphones to listen to music while I write and when my cat does this, I can hear her purring in my ear over the music, that’s how close to my head she sits.


Sometimes, when she stares over my shoulder, she sits there so long that I start to wonder if she’s actually reading what I’m writing.



Abby Perched on My Chair


I wish she would give me a neck massage while she’s back there.


Anyway, I feel kind of guilty when she wants my attention (even though a good third of my daily attention is devoted to her already) while I’m busy writing and I only stop to pet her for a few moments before going back to writing.  So, I try to time it now so I sit down to write when she’s off napping.


What tasks do your pets get involved in, or try to distract you from?



Until next time…






2 responses to ““Whatcha Doin’?”

  1. What a cute kitty! How could you deny her? 🙂 As for me, I’m particularly fond of distracting my moms while they’re knitting. I enjoy the yarn immensely! Though any activity will do. Reading’s another activity that I particularly enjoy impairing, especially the newspaper. I love how the paper crunches. Book corners taste good, too. And speaking of corners, I love scratching my chin on the corner of the laptop while one of my moms tries to work. When I tire of this, I’ll attempt to sprawl across the keyboard. Many times.


    • One of my other cats, Kenzi, enjoys reading time immensely. Though she doesn’t try to impair reading time by chewing on my book or trying to lay on it. She’ll just curl up in my lap and take a nap while I read. Abby (the one the likes to sit on the back of my chair while I write) will sometimes nap on the back of my chair while I read. [^_^]


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