What A Difference…


…Ten days makes.

Not too long ago, on Christmas Day, there was no snow to be found in my little corner of Maine and the temperature was in the 50s.  Unheard of since I can remember.

Today, there’s at least five inches of snow on the ground and it’s in the 30s.  The wind chill makes it seem more like single digits, though.  It would be bearable if not for the damn wind.

In spite of the wind, I tried going hiking a few days ago, like I did on Christmas Day and it was a completely different experience.  Instead of nice weather where I didn’t need a jacket like on Christmas Day, this past excursion had me bundled in several layers with a hood, a hat, gloves, the works, and I was still freezing.

Regardless, I pressed on, my trusty camera at the ready.  You wouldn’t believe how many deer tracks I found in the snow.

Roque Bluffs Trail

Until next time…




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