You Can‘t Catch Me!


Recently, I had several suet bird feeders put up in windows around my house, much to the birds’, and my cats’, delight.

My cat Abby sat in the kitchen window watching chickadees flying to and from the feeder, but one little bird made a bit of a game out of it. It would fly to the feeder, fly back to the power line, fly back to the feeder, then fly to one of the stings I have stretched vertically across the window (to help keep the birds from flying into the kitchen picture window), perch there, and look in at my cat.

I actually managed to catch a picture of it taunting my cat as if it were saying “Na na! You can’t catch me!”



You Can't Catch Me, Cat!

I think the bird enjoyed the little game, but it frustrated Abby.


Until next time…




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