Sad Start to 2016


Just as last January was a sad start to my personal year in the form of the passing of a beloved pet, this January has become a sad start to 2016 for millions.


First we lose one of the greatest musicians and actors ever to grace the stage and silver screen, Mr. David Bowie. Then we lose another great actor, Alan Rickman. Both to the horrible disease, cancer.


Even if you weren’t a fan of David Bowie or Alan Rickman, you can’t deny that it’s a terribly sad loss for the music and film industries and fans around the globe.


Hopefully this month isn’t setting the stage for the rest of the year.


Rest in peace, David Bowie. Your work changed the face of the music, fashion, and film industries and has inspired countless people over the years and will continue to inspire countless people for years to come. You will be missed.


Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. Your work as an actor spoke to millions. The film industry suffered a great loss with your passing. You will also be missed.



Until next time…






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