Pets Reflect Their Owners


Have you ever noticed that sometimes pets and their owners start looking similar as the years go by?  Ever had this happen to a friend?  To you?


I can’t say I’ve had one of my pets start looking like me, but I have had pets that seem to start thinking like me.  I’ve had cats come running into my room and hang out when I’m listening to my favorite music, climb into my lap for a nap while I’m reading or watching a favorite movie, and most recently, my cat Kenzi has taken a liking to the blanket my mother made for me this past Christmas.  That could just be her love of soft fleece blankets, but there’s something interesting about this one.  It’s Doctor Who themed.  And it seems to be her new favorite (this also reinforces what I mentioned in the post I made last month…Cat Burglar).


Every time I crawl under this particular blanket to read or watch TV she comes running.  No matter where she was in the house.  Even if she was in the basement and couldn‘t see me.  It’s like she has some kind of blanket ESP.


How many people can say they have a Whovian cat?  Me!



Kenzi’s a nerd, just like me!




Until next time…






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