Fourth of July, 2016

Let me begin this post with a side note…


Back on May 30, I announced that I’d be running a little giveaway for one signed 8X10 print of one of my photographs, open to all my blog followers.  All you had to do was send an email to me with the subject “8X10 Print Giveaway” and you’d be entered into the drawing that was to take place today.


Sadly, there was no need for a drawing.  I didn’t receive a single email entry.  Kind of makes me wonder why I have so many followers.  [-_-,]


Oh well.  Your loss.  Just think, you folks had the opportunity to win a signed 8X10 print (of your choice) from a photographer before she becomes famous!  But, the giveaway is over now so…time to move on…


Now for today’s blog post…


It’s that time of the year again.  Independence Day.  The cookouts, the family get-togethers, the fireworks…


We haven’t had much rain in my corner of Maine lately so things are a bit on the dry side.  That means people need to be extra careful of where and how they set of fireworks this year.  People should be careful setting off fireworks no matter where they are and under all conditions, not only to prevent fire in dry climates/areas, but also to avoid personal injury.  And please, never mix alcohol with fireworks.  If you plan to drink at a family function, cookout, or some other event where there will be fireworks, please drink responsibly.  That’s a good rule for any occasion, not just the fourth of July!


Anyway, I haven’t had the opportunity to capture any new fireworks images so I’ll just re-post the best I took from several years ago when my neighbors set off a few.

Red Fireworks 1

Wishing you a safe, happy, and fun Fourth!



Until next time…





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