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Fourth of July, 2016

Let me begin this post with a side note…


Back on May 30, I announced that I’d be running a little giveaway for one signed 8X10 print of one of my photographs, open to all my blog followers.  All you had to do was send an email to me with the subject “8X10 Print Giveaway” and you’d be entered into the drawing that was to take place today.


Sadly, there was no need for a drawing.  I didn’t receive a single email entry.  Kind of makes me wonder why I have so many followers.  [-_-,]


Oh well.  Your loss.  Just think, you folks had the opportunity to win a signed 8X10 print (of your choice) from a photographer before she becomes famous!  But, the giveaway is over now so…time to move on…


Now for today’s blog post…


It’s that time of the year again.  Independence Day.  The cookouts, the family get-togethers, the fireworks…


We haven’t had much rain in my corner of Maine lately so things are a bit on the dry side.  That means people need to be extra careful of where and how they set of fireworks this year.  People should be careful setting off fireworks no matter where they are and under all conditions, not only to prevent fire in dry climates/areas, but also to avoid personal injury.  And please, never mix alcohol with fireworks.  If you plan to drink at a family function, cookout, or some other event where there will be fireworks, please drink responsibly.  That’s a good rule for any occasion, not just the fourth of July!


Anyway, I haven’t had the opportunity to capture any new fireworks images so I’ll just re-post the best I took from several years ago when my neighbors set off a few.

Red Fireworks 1

Wishing you a safe, happy, and fun Fourth!



Until next time…





Wildlife And Nature


On my most recent hiking outing I decided to hike a trail in Gouldsboro hoping that the lotus blossoms were blooming. I had no luck there. But in the middle of the road to the trail, right by the pond where the lotus blossoms live stood a deer. I noticed the mother first, then a little blur of movement on the side of the road caught my attention. A spotted faun ran to catch up to its mother. I shot a little video of them dancing down the road to a dirt road that leads to a small art studio/gallery. Once level with the dirt road, I managed to get a nice picture of them both (again, I was the passenger for all this).



Mother and Baby Deer


So cute!


Onward to the hike. It was a really warm day and without the breeze it would have been unbearable, but I trudged along the trail to its end, then started back. On the way back, my hiking partner noticed a small single pink flower on the edge of the trail. A Lady Slipper if we’re not mistaken. I’ve never actually seen a Lady Slipper up close like that and from what I’ve heard they were, or still are, an endangered plant. I’ll have to do a little research on that to find out what’s what.



Lady Slipper
It’s a pretty little flower, and I’m not a fan of the color pink!

It concerned me how close the little flower was to the edge of the trail. I’d almost stepped on it myself so someone not really paying attention or someone with a dog running rampant could easily trample it. I hope that doesn’t happen.
Keep your eyes peeled when you’re out an about, folks.


And on a side note, time is running out fast for the 8X10 print giveaway, open to my blog followers/email subscribers. You have until 11pm on June 30 to send me an email with the subject “8X10 Print Giveaway” to enter. I’ll announce the winner of the drawing on Monday, July 4th! Don’t miss out! Get your entry in now!


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For some time now I‘ve been running a little online shop where I‘ve been trying to sell some of my handmade jewelry and such. I’ve been contemplating adding some photographic prints to my shop but I’m not quite sure which images to use or even if they would go over well.

I need to pose a little question to my readers. Which of the images you’ve seen on my site and in my blog posts, would you like to see in my online store? Which image (or images) could you see hanging on your wall at home?

As I battle with some chronic back pain (that’s been preventing me from getting outside to take new photos lately), I plan to work on this little idea and iron out a few details (like print sizes and prices). So if you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line. Leave a comment or send me an email. I’d love to know what my readers think.

But, switching gears here, today is December 7th. Pearl Harbor Day here in the U.S. of A. Like with all memorial holidays, I would suggest to folks that you take a moment today to remember the events of that day.



Until next time…