Happy Halloween


It’s that time of the year again when the final harvest is ending and the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.


Fall is definitely my favorite time of year but even though I tell folks that Halloween is my favorite “holiday” I actually really dislike how commercialized it’s become.  Just like every holiday that used to have real meaning in days past: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, even Valentine’s Day.  They’ve all become cheapened by the commercial industry.


I would encourage folks to take a moment out of your day today, a moment out of your gathering or trick-or-treating this evening and reflect on what Halloween (or Samhain as it’s truly called) really means.  A time to remember and even converse with our ancestors and loved ones who have gone before us.  A time to celebrated the cycle of reincarnation.  I’m not advocating that people shouldn’t enjoy the Halloween they’ve come to know today, the Halloween they’ve grown up with, but I would encourage people to expand their knowledge and research Samhain.  And not to stop with just Samhain but research the true history of all “holidays.”


Enjoy your holiday everyone; those of you that celebrate the commercialized Halloween and those that celebrate the traditional Samhain that the Halloween of today was born of.  And, as always, if you intend to partake in any drinking tonight, please, please, be responsible and be safe.  Designate a driver, be aware of those around your, and be aware of your own limits.




Until next time…





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