Deer In The Yard…Again


One morning recently, as I got ready to make myself some breakfast before heading out for a hike, I looked out my kitchen window and saw a four-legged visitor hanging out in my yard. I’m pretty sure this deer is female as she’s visited my yard many times over the years and has even come around with little ones.

Today I saw her not just grazing in my yard like she normally does, but she was lying down in some tall grass on the border of my property. I was even able to step out onto my porch without spooking her in order to get these images. If you look closely, you can even see her cheek puffed out a bit due to the mouthful of grass she’s chomping on.



Semi-Albino Deer 1


Semi-Albino Deer 2
It’s nice to see these beautiful creatures enjoying my yard. Apparently the grass is greener over here!




Until next time…







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