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Farewell 2017

I’m sure most of my readers will actually be reading this on Tuesday instead of Monday this week as Monday is Christmas day, but that’s ok!  Better late than never!


To that end, Merry Christmas everyone!  And Happy Holidays to those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas!


Here’s a shot I took earlier in the year (when we actually had snow) to get everyone in the winter mood.  Funny thing about this shot, the sky was only overcast when I set out on the hike but on the way back it was almost a blizzard.  I couldn’t see more than ten feet in front of me at times.  That’s Maine for you.  Our saying about the weather is so true:  “If you don’t like the weather in Maine…Wait five minutes.”




Well, this marks my last post of 2017.  I hope everyone enjoyed my random musings and photos this year.  I’ll be back with a new post next Monday where it’s January 1st, then I’ll continue with my “every-other-week” posting schedule.


I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year (and if you plan to ring in the new year at a party with alcohol, please drink responsibly and designate a driver)!


Take care, folks!



Until next time…