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Camping Adventure


In addition to hiking I’m also a big fan of camping.  I went camping for the second time this year a week or so ago (I usually wait until fall when it’s a bit cooler with less bugs).


Before embarking on my camping adventure, I made sure I had everything ready.  I decided to set up the single-person pop-up tent I bought years ago (but never used until now), in my living room before committing to using it on my trip.  I wanted to see if my air mattress would fit in the tent or if I’d have to make other arrangements (I.e. sleep on the ground).  Luckily the mattress fit.


I left the room for a moment and came back to this…


Cat Stole My Tent!


I think either she wanted to go with me, didn’t want me to go at all, or just liked the set-up.  I’m betting it was a combo of the last two.


Anyway, I got to the campground and got settled in my campsite, and what should happen?  It started raining.  Luckily my campsite had an arbor over the picnic table so I was able to wait out the rain without having to retreat to the car.


Once the rain let up, there was a layer of fog surrounding an island out in the bay.  This was the view from my campsite.






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Think She’s Comfy?

It’s been a long running joke between me and my parents that our house isn’t really ours, that it really belongs to our cats and they just let us live there to act as their staff; cleaning their messes, feeding them, and fulfilling roles as furniture for them.

It may be a joke, but there’s a huge grain of truth in it. I mentioned before that whenever I get a new soft blanket, it doesn’t remain mine for long as one of my cats confiscates it.

Whenever I get up from wherever I was sitting one of the two female cats steals my seat. It happens with my desk chair (which can be really annoying especially if I’m just getting up from writing in order to stretch for a moment or use the bathroom), my chair at the kitchen table, my spot on the couch, another chair in the living room, even my bed.

Kenzi is typically the culprit, but Abby does the same thing too…



Think She's Comfy




Think she’s comfy enough?


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Pets Reflect Their Owners


Have you ever noticed that sometimes pets and their owners start looking similar as the years go by?  Ever had this happen to a friend?  To you?


I can’t say I’ve had one of my pets start looking like me, but I have had pets that seem to start thinking like me.  I’ve had cats come running into my room and hang out when I’m listening to my favorite music, climb into my lap for a nap while I’m reading or watching a favorite movie, and most recently, my cat Kenzi has taken a liking to the blanket my mother made for me this past Christmas.  That could just be her love of soft fleece blankets, but there’s something interesting about this one.  It’s Doctor Who themed.  And it seems to be her new favorite (this also reinforces what I mentioned in the post I made last month…Cat Burglar).


Every time I crawl under this particular blanket to read or watch TV she comes running.  No matter where she was in the house.  Even if she was in the basement and couldn‘t see me.  It’s like she has some kind of blanket ESP.


How many people can say they have a Whovian cat?  Me!



Kenzi’s a nerd, just like me!




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You Can‘t Catch Me!


Recently, I had several suet bird feeders put up in windows around my house, much to the birds’, and my cats’, delight.

My cat Abby sat in the kitchen window watching chickadees flying to and from the feeder, but one little bird made a bit of a game out of it. It would fly to the feeder, fly back to the power line, fly back to the feeder, then fly to one of the stings I have stretched vertically across the window (to help keep the birds from flying into the kitchen picture window), perch there, and look in at my cat.

I actually managed to catch a picture of it taunting my cat as if it were saying “Na na! You can’t catch me!”



You Can't Catch Me, Cat!

I think the bird enjoyed the little game, but it frustrated Abby.


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Cat Burglar


I know I’m not the only one out there that has issues with my cats “stealing” things. My seat when I get up for a second, the warm spot in my bed when I roll over, and most commonly (for me)… Soft fleece blankets.
My cats, one in particular, adore soft fleece blankets. I can’t tell you how many blankets I’ve bought myself, and subsequently lost because one of my cats claimed it as theirs.
Typically, it’s my youngest cat, Kenzi that swipes my blankets.





Kenzi the Blanket Thief



So, as an early Christmas gift to myself, I bought yet another blanket. Let’s see how long it remains mine.

Until next time…